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Concepts and design

Concepts, requirement specifications, social media, user interface design, graphic design, content design, print design, corporate image design

The road map, which is done in the strategic planning phase, will be broken into practical concepts in this phase. In the next phase these concepts will be implemented. This way the end result of the overall process will generate a concrete and measureable improvement or transformation of your business.

If the project size and nature requires, we execute specification of requirement: objectives, target groups, content, functionality and technical conditions for performance. Also social media should always be taken into account, because it is not totally controllable.

Design is based on mastering and understanding the big picture. We start from the strategy, road map and specification of requirement taking into consideration the product/service, target groups and media environment. E.g. we won’t just upload the printed brochure to the web site as it is. Instead, we bear the best aspects and benefits of each media in planning.

Performance, user experience and your objectives is the base. We respect the brand image and take it to different media looking the same. We also make sure that the quality of user experience is always high.

We also do the whole design if needed: we can associate for example print and corporate image design to the project.