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Analysis and post development

Web-analytics (Snoobi, Google Analytics), reporting, development actions

Many of the companies invest into digitality right up to when the work is published. Nevertheless, the work shouldn’t stop there. Preferably we’d serve you also onwards by developing your strategy, concept and implementation if /when needed. By using web-analytics, market reports and your own data we identify the potential problems and help you to solve them after publishing.

A site and its existence do not have a purpose if users cannot find it or even don’t know about it. Most of the users search information through search engines using only one search term. That’s why it is important to enable top scores in the search results by technical implementation, linking and content.

Content and capacity should also be monitored: we know what users are looking for in your site, what link they have clicked first, which campaign works, and which subpage they have spent the most time in. We analyze all of this information for you if you want, and tell you what could possibly be done even better.