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What's it like working with us?

Well, we give more than usually is expected. Why?

We are A first-class

We execute each part of the process from start until the very end in a professional way and with high quality. Being first class also includes honesty and reliability: we are transparent and deadline or anything else that has been agreed will not be delayed because of us.

We are digital

We continuously monitor trends and development directions. We don’t have our own preferences; instead we choose objectively the best solution for your project.

We are partner

This means pretty much, actually:

  • We sit “on the same side of the table”, i.e. we are on your side. Win-win.
  • We look things on the long run, i.e. don’t charge maximum every time. We believe that at the end of the day we all benefit the most, if we offer the most economic solutions on your angle.
  • We want to really know you and your business and develop it. That’s why we would happily sit on your weekly meetings to hear the new challenges fresh and to know you better. Close to you we can coach you the best.
  • We give more than you ask for: we do not just settle on doing the job well that we received from you, but we consider initiatively what else and more can we do for you
  • We use Open Source solutions, meaning that we won’t tie you up with us by using our own systems, which other companies can’t modify.  Thus, you could replace us, but due to our excellent service you will not want to.