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Rio Digital

Rio Digital is a strategic digital partner; starting from the overall strategy we plan, design and implement premium digital solutions especially for processes of marketing, sales, and customer service. The company was founded in 1997.

Our goal: To be our clients’ preferred partner in digital businesses. We will specialize further to produce a real benefit by digital means and we will achieve a respected position in planning and implementing digital strategies.

Our values: honesty, reliability, quality, professionalism and initiative. Values are relevant, because all of us are committed to them and they also appear in everyday operations. Below you’ll see some examples of values in practice.

Our way to work: We think of you, and therefore do things properly: we inform you of the progress and stick to what was agreed. We also are professional, fast, have high quality and reliable testing.

How all this appears in practice? Here are some examples: progress of our work can be followed online, we send regularly status reports, follow written agreement of project, drive both large and small projects through the same accurate standards, focus on what we are doing and deliver test report for guarantee quality.

Want to cooperate with us?

Come and work with us! We need both individual experts and business partners to our team.

Career in Rio?

Are you a reliable, thorough, responsible and proud of the quality of your own work? Come work at Rio, we have a relaxed atmosphere and smooth working environment.